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Please Note: We are no longer publishing new issues of Modern Ferret magazine. Publication ceased in 2003. The final issue of Modern Ferret was #33 -- the one with Richard Bach on the cover. However, you can still get a package of all the available back issues of Modern Ferret. Right now we're trying to clear out as much inventory as possible. Look for auctions on Ebay. Look on The Ferret Trading Post website. We have Super Monster Packs of back issues. We have some books and posters. We have adorable ferret art mini-prints. What we don't have (and, honestly never did) is money. That is the main reason we were forced to cease publication. It cost roughly $20,000 to produce an issue of Modern Ferret. We cut our personal paychecks to the bone (actually, we completely stopped paying ourselves). We moved into a rent-free situation provided by Eric's mom. But when the only magazine distributor into pet stores is owned by a direct competitor, it's not easy to keep going. In fact, it's impossible. Although many people loved Modern Ferret -- and we loved creating it -- love doesn't pay the bills. Despite our most valiant efforts, and at the cost of both Eric's health and mine, we had to let it go.

I'm happy to say that we are both faring much better health-wise. We no longer have any ferrets. It became impossible to care for more ferrets (financially and, for a while, physically), so when they died, we did not bring new ferrets into our home. I know I can speak for both Eric and myself when I say that I miss having little fuzzies to shower with hugs and treats. But until we can finish paying off all the personal debt we accumulated during the publishing of Modern Ferret, it just isn't right to bring an animal into the family. Although I miss "fuzzy-comfort," I'm also enjoying a little of the freedom I had missed during my ferret-owned years.

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Modern Ferret Magazine
- The Ferret Lifestyle Magazine 

We (husband-and-wife team Mary and Eric Shefferman and our pet ferrets) created Modern Ferret magazine in the summer of 1994 because we recognized a need for a relevant, accurate ferret-care information resource. Not just how-to articles, but real-life experience articles from people who love and care for ferrets. We chose to make our ferret magazine both educational and fun. Modern Ferret is a combination of caring concern for our pets, Mary's editorial expertise, Eric's technical skills, and the vast experience of long-time ferret owners, veterinarians, shelter operators, breeders, and everyday ferret owners. Modern Ferret informs and entertains like no other pet magazine. The first issue of Modern Ferret was in print by February of 1995. We hope to someday be able to support ourselves while doing what we enjoy - playing with ferrets! We currently have five ferrets: Trixie, Balthazar, Cauliflower, Koosh, and Gabrielle. Together, the seven of us work to capture and celebrate the spirit of the ferret while providing up-to-date information and care tips.

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Modern Ferret Magazine Mission Statement:
   To share our joy in owning ferrets with the world.

Our three ferrets we had in 1994 when we decided to devote our lives to creating Modern Ferret Magazine. L to R: Ralph, Marshmallow, and Sabrina. We want them to be proud of us.

Modern Ferret Magazine brings you:

  • Plenty of adorable photos - including a ferret pin-up centerfold!
  • Care information and tips from experienced ferret owners
  • Vital medical information & updates
  • How-to articles that work for you and your ferret
  • Ferret humor
  • Reader contests - including the Pink Noses reader photo contest, Funny Ferret Tricks contest, and Reader Art contest & more
  • Ferret fiction and poetry
  • A Ferretted Fairy-Tail (TM)
  • and much more!

"What’s in it for me?"

When you read Modern Ferret:

  • Your ferret will be better trained
  • Your ferret will live in a less stressful environment
  • You’ll recognize the signs of illness sooner and be better equipped to deal with it
  • Your home will be safer for your ferret
  • You’ll learn from the experiences of your fellow ferret owners around the world
  • You’ll be aware of the latest ferret medical developments and treatments
  • You’ll understand your ferret’s behaviors
  • You’ll be prepared with the solutions to your ferret problems
  • You’ll have more fun with your ferret — and your ferret will have more fun with you!


Your subscription to Modern Ferret brings:

  • News 
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • New Products 
  • Fascinating Photos
  • Reader Contests
  • Expert Advice
  • New Medical Developments 
  • Teaching Tricks
  • Ferretproofing Tips
  • Training Tips
  • Grooming Tips
  • Legalization Updates
  • Fiction and Poetry
  • Full Color Pin-Up Centerfolds
  • all right to your door!

Back issue savings package:

Our Super Monster Pack of back issues gives you a lot of Modern Ferret reading at a special savings price. Many of our subscribers turned to their Modern Ferret back issue collection again and again for answers to their ferret concerns. Demand for our back issues has been so high that we decided to collect them together in a set to make it easier for you to get all the issues that are still available. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! See our order page.


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Since 1994, Modern Ferret has been making good ferret owners into great ferret owners. Read it and be the best you can be.

Issue #31 featured author Tama Janowitz and her ferrets! With photography by Todd Oldham and Oberto Gili.

For more information about this issue


Need a whole bunch of Modern Ferret right away to satisfy your ferret craving? (A bunch of Modern Ferret back issues makes a great gift for any ferret owner who loves their ferrets!) See our order page for information on ordering a special savings bundle of Modern Ferret back issues.

To learn more about Mary and Eric (with pictures!), the "modern ferrets," celebrities we have interviewed, and our unique home-based business, see the About Us page.

To see what's in the current issue, go to our Magazine Contents page.

The National Public Radio Story on Modern Ferret
National Public Radio recently did a story on Modern Ferret. You can listen to the story by clicking on this link or go to the NPR web page at:
(It's the story "Ferret Reading" all the way at the bottom of the page.)
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The Wit and Wisdom of the Modern Ferrets: A Ferret's Perspective On Ferret Care
Fun and easy-to-read ferret care information from our own ferrets: Sabrina, Marshmallow, Knuks, Trixie, and Gabrielle. Learning should be fun - the ferrets say so!

(Autographed copies available at no extra cost!)
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Modern Ferret Issue #29 features the story of Sean and Rocky
How a ferret helped this special needs child.
Read the press release for this issue
Read the story of Sean and Rocky (requires Adobe Acrobat reader - large file 720K)
For more information about this issue, see our Magazine Contents page.
This issue is included in the Super Monster Pack:  order online
Modern Ferret was interviewed on CNN for our story on the Ferret of the Century
Modern Ferret Issue #25 reveals the Ferret of the Century featuring the Budweiser Ferret in an exclusive interview. You can view the CNN piece at:

This issue is included in the Super Monster Pack: order online
New York City Ferret Legalization Information

For information on NYC (Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens) Legalization of ferrets see NYCFerrets.Com
If you live in one of the five boroughs of NYC (or anywhere), please see this page to find out what you can do to help get ferrets legalized.

NEWS: see our press releases page

Modern Ferret supports the legalization of ferrets in New York City. If your City Council Member has questions you don't know the answers to, please let us know ( and we will help answer the questions. Below you will find links to information that can help you educate your City Council Member about ferrets.
(the following files all require the Adobe Acrobat reader)
Read the letter Mary wrote to each City Council Member.
Read the article on albino ferrets and domestication written by Bob Church which we sent to each City Council Member (from the upcoming Modern Ferret Issue #30 featuring albinos).
Read the rabies information we sent to each City Council Member. (Although the DoH and Mayor Giuliani think otherwise, ferrets are not a significant rabies risk.)

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